In the light of being a broke college student (even though I only took one class this semester, freelance life takes time to… come alive), I’ve broken down and worn the same thing twice *que the gasp of privilege*. JK F*ck that rule. I’m obsessed with stripes this year and you should be too. Here’s how to make those lovely lines of our incarcerated counterparts fit into your daily.

Lewk Un (look one)

This is my Sunday version of a comfortable something to wear when you’re going out to eat and know you want to look classy but also have room to, ya know, eat

***If you eat like a human, not a bird, and want extra space, tuck only the bottom of your shirt in. The extra space will leave you feeling less insecure about eating yourfriends appetizer too.

Shirt: Top Man

Trousers: Ted Baker, London

Shoes: British Laundry

Lewk Deux (look two)

Look two is inspired by the fact that I found jeans that fit. Thank you, Super Dry. They made the boots and the jeans, but not the jacket. Since jeans are pretty neutral, you can take a very vacation–ish stripped number and make it more casual, fun, and about the city. The jacket is purely because spring died on it’s way to the east coast this year and I’m waiting on summer.


Shirt: Top Man

Trousers & Boots: Super Dry

Sunnies: AMAZON